Our Team

Brian Yates

Brian has worked over 20 years in law enforcement. He has also spent several years working in dignitary protection in the Middle East. Brian is currently in Law Enforcement in Iowa.  He has a BA in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and a MA in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Brian is passionate about the value of human life and breaking stigma associated with law enforcement.

Chris Pridmore

Chris spent his career in sales and leadership with some of the largest healthcare corporations in the world. Through a broken season, he became desperately addicted to alcohol and made some destructive life choices. With a strong faith, grit, courage and commitment to a plan, his story has become one of recovery and hope. Chris is a New York State Certified Recovery Peer Advocate in an Emergency Room setting, a volunteer Ambassador with Shatterproof and is enjoying a revitalized career in healthcare diagnostics.

Caitlin Meath

Caitlin is a New York State Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, team member of Connections Rounded Recovery and a Peer in the Ontario County Drug Court. She has an ongoing commitment to schools, community organizations and supplemental support efforts. She has tremendous passion for her community.  She is seen as an innovative leader. Her skills and drive have been forged through the fire of personal tragedy, struggle and victory.

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