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Cliche? No Way - by Chris Pridmore

I have taken a different posture about my faith than most. I have chosen not to be "cliche." I have moved beyond in disgust through the confines and rules of man's religion. I have chosen obedience to the best of my human understanding and ability. I do not believe in telling people certain things to give a sales pitch of my understanding. However, I have noticed recently a burning in my stomach and my aggressive nature is digging in like rock hard concrete on a warrior posture for God and His purpose for me. The "why" to my being alive is screaming through my soul. I know the answer and I cannot contain it.

I have no interest in being offensive or demanding of others in spiritual matters. No interest at all. Yet, for me and my heart, I have chosen to listen to a call that has fortified my warrior spirit. I thrive when I am obedient to Him.

I have tasted a spiritual element in this life that I cannot explain. When all things are terrible and news crushes my happiness. I find strength, tenacity and fierce assurance in God the Father, the Son and the emmersive, aggressive and attentive Holy Spirit. That is the King of Kings and my friend of friends.

I will go forward.

I am called.

I will not relent.

This is my new nature. I am not a man that desires to make everyone happy. I have never been a man of peace and love at the core. I am a called man with a purpose. That purpose called me just as I am, right where I was and right where I will be by following my prescribed path home.

This passion stirs me into outbursts like this. For me, I find the world's squabbles troubling and serenity soaking. I am thankful that my God doesn't tell me to snuggle a blanket or get in touch with my feelings. He tells me to gird up and put on my armor. Now we are talking. I cosign that message.

This message may seem aggressive. Good. Christians aren't all the stigmas we are bound by. Some of us are recovering from an entire host of calamity that we had to face and prep our wounds for spiritual surgery. We have gone beyond post op. We are back and we aren't screwing around.

I am called to a purpose so far beyond me that I cannot rest at the thought of the entire scope of possibility. There is hope in this life because of the hope in the next. We are not here to snuggle through struggle for 70 years. We are here to fight battles beyond flesh and blood. We are called to gird up. We are called to listen. We are called to follow. I believe the promises that I now taste and see are true. I answered my calling on my knees in a crushed spirit. I am standing up now. I am in a full sprint to the battle. Join me. This is no cliche. This is no bake sale at a church. This is the declaration of an imperfect man in the service of His King.

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