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Count The Cost - by Chris Pridmore

I have been working through some thoughts lately.

I wonder...

With all the causes, movements, politics, personal agendas, choices, gender identifications, gun rights, abortions, etc that make us so angry that we are vocal and fight, how many families are falling apart behind our loud social voices and serenity smashing? How many children haven't had a normal conversation with their parents because the "cause" is blasting out of their parents angry faces non-stop? How many people (after their families are destroyed) would have traded all days focused on other things just to fight to keep that family, love and future for their children together?

I'm curious...

We should stand for what we believe in. We should fight against injustice. However, we sound so "noble" when we pop off on social media and pour our anger into things that we haven't put one day of sweat equity into to fix. For that, we accept the cost by never looking our partner or children in the eyes and shutting it off and rebuilding our homes first before we attempt to change the world. Why?

My greatest regrets are not for any element of justices or injustices that I ever fought for. My greatest regrets are moments lost with my children, love destroyed and my causing of a painful rebuild.

Is your cause and/or anger really worth the cost? When was the last time you shut the world out for eye contact and undistracted loving focus on just your family?

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