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Figure Something Out - by Chris Pridmore

Dear Society,

I am not interested in bowing to any man or woman.

I will support those that feel they need a hand to rise.

I won't humble myself before wrongs I have not committed. I will not follow religious rules or social norms.

I have decided that I will bow before a King.

I will support my neighbors no matter their skin, preference or otherwise. I will not be shamed into to changing my values. I can respect your cause without willingly being the whipping boy for it. If you want to rise, I'm a good friend. I want that for you.

Having said that, I was made with a PURPOSE and FORGED in the fire of mistakes, brokenness and the hope that came from surrender to God. I am a work in progress. I am not a pawn of other broken humans.

If you want help, I will help. If want to attack, attack all you want. If you want a fight, you will eventually get one. But, if you want a solution...let's figure something out. Sincerely, Chris

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