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Hope Equation - by Chris Pridmore

I don’t know about you. I am sick of being inside all the time. This isolation is maddening. However, my experience has shown me I can handle this season. The life I have lived has helped me understand the interconnected relationship of trouble, patience, experience and the resulting hope. This addition exercise is not a math problem. It is math for problems.

Trouble comes in life. This is inevitable. The current pandemic has caused trouble and concern for all of us in one way or another. It has taken us beyond our comfort zone. However, for the vast majority of us. We lived. We took damage. We have new challenges (financial, emotional, relational, physical, etc.). Nevertheless, we made it through this present trial. Rest assured trouble will come again.

I have found that these big events make my every day troubles seem far less severe. You see, I’m learning (without trying) when I survive troubled time, I am forced to learn patience to have any peace. The thing that I am facing is out of my control. I must patiently ride it out. In fact, this is really the only way to learn true patience is to endure discomfort and learn to accept it and be in a place of serenity anyway.

This experience and the collective experiences of my past make me stronger. We speak of veterans, experts, coaches, mentors and those with lived, learned experiences. They are our leaders and our respected advisors. How much more important is it for us to be our own respect advisors by surviving such unsettling situations. We become the veteran, expert, coach, mentor with lived experience for others and most importantly…for ourselves.

We all look for hope. However, we do not anticipate it. We want it. Yet, we don’t expect it. What if I told you there is a basic formula for hope? Rub your head three times and blink with both eyes. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the password. Here is the math formula for hope:

Trouble + Patience + Experience = Hope

We lived, we endured, we know we did. We know we can do it again. If we recall these times, we can go into future troubles knowing that there will be an end and we have it in us to make it through. We might be injured. We might have new trouble. However, we can live to fight another day.

The path of trouble, patience and experience can result in hope when tough times touch our lives again. We made it. We do not have to collapse every time a rough patch comes along. Stay in the serenity of what you can control and give the rest to a power that is beyond you.

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