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Inside the House - by Chris Pridmore

We scream, we fight, we debate, we grandstand, we oppose all in the name of the "greater good." Yet, are we willing to admit when we are wrong to be better? Are we willing to take a personal inventory first before we analyze, evaluate, compartmentalize and scrutinize the inventory of others? We say, "Your house is filthy. You disgust me with the way your house looks. You must be stupid." We say this standing on piles of trash and dirty laundry in our own internal living room.

We are not willing to be wrong to be better. We are not willing to clean our own house first. I think we need our viewpoints to be agreed with for us to feel like things are better. We need to be right more than we need sustained improvement in society. We need to reject rules so that our emotions can be free range cattle in a land of mental health that can barely sustain itself.

Our selfish requirements for adherence to our personal decrees and removal of guiding spiritual boundaries is not changing the world or making it become more inclusive. That is simply destructive pride, hedonism and hunger to either maintain power or seize it.

If we are trying to improve society, we don't have to be agreed with. We have to be willing to be part of the conversation and listen. Antics and emotional, situational and inconsistent outbursts don't fix a thing.

The world changes when we take a personal inventory, address it with rigorous honesty and take corrective action. The world changes in the world of an individual that puts personal work in every 24 hours.

You are on the clock. Take a look at what you are working with inside of you. Are you willing to be wrong and admit it to be better? Are you willing to embrace stability while balancing deliberate change? You have to clean your own home before you can invite guests to learn how to clean theirs.

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