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Lose Yourself - by Chris Pridmore

Two of the important things I have learned from this journey I have been on are:

1) Follow a greater good in life.  It will result in a rich spirit.  

2) Don't be lazy sitting around all criss cross applesauce while finding spiritual enlightenment.  Get to work.

The point being, when I reached to my actual purpose in life, my skill set and my make-up met.  At that point it was war and I would stop at nothing to stay on mission.  I think we spend too much time "finding ourselves" and not enough time finding our purpose (which is usually the thing that is greatest benefit to others). We are then called to declare our new day and work for victories to come. Through use of accountability partners, strong planning, grit and faith in a power beyond you, you can succeed.

Just a few thoughts.  I have 31 months clean and as of yesterday 3 years removed from a car accident and my final charge that could have taken my life and should have me in prison for another few years.  But, my purpose said that will not be my story.  My story is to go through my history, own my reasons, consequences and outcomes and march on the path of my calling with no apologies.  

Your purpose is still your purpose no matter what challenge, mistake or virus is slapping you in the face mask.

You are loved. Probably by more people than you know. Go forward even in times of uncertainty. Stop trying to find yourself. Lose yourself. You have a purpose beyond you and it is calling you today.

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