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Pen to Paper - by Chris Pridmore

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I was going through some stuff to organize and I came across some of my writing. In the pile was the original page of the first chapter of my book. I am writing this now not as a promotion or to seek any sort of attention. I beg you to please look past that notion. I am writing to sincerely show you what one pen to one piece of paper can do in your life and the lives of others. It might not be only a pen. It might be some other action that is simply movement in your most broken states.

The pen that hit this paper in the picture met on my way to inpatient rehab. On that page, I remembered “The feel of the burn of those embers” and was begging for resurrection to come. That night I said, “I fight. My sweet spot. Resurrection, Come.” All these feelings poured out of me as I was about to be dropped off to start a process that would ultimately save my life.

Resurrection came. It has not been easy. Life has been a lot of work. Nevertheless, it came. It came from doing something different and pushing beyond my painful feelings towards goals that were in a land I did not know yet. It came from surrender of my will to fill the void in my soul.

For you tonight, you may be in real trouble. Possibly intoxicated or high. You might be struggling with withdrawal. You might be a family member up wondering and worrying about a loved one. Whoever you are, tonight I write as a matter of encouragement. Take one new action and change the course of your future. As the AA Big Book says, "take the lead." For me it started with this written declaration formed in my brain. A focus on resurrection to come. I never dreamed it would be in a book one day at that moment. I never dreamed that book (on at least one occasion) would one day include the handwriting of a young women struggling and deciding to give a preventative story to her daughter. I never dreamed that these small moments would shatter my previous view of my life and the incredible value of the lives of others.

If you are struggling right now. Change the game. Grab a pen and paper and declare a new day. Make that promise and keep it.

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