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People That Do - by Chris Pridmore

This song really gets to me. I have been meaning to post this and never really felt brave enough. I won't over state it. But, my words are a small token of my grasp on trying to forgive myself for my past. it goes.

To all those who loved me when I wasn't lovable and those that wanted so much for better days and saw no possibility. Most importantly, to my children and my parents...there were days when you saw no hope because I too only saw death...this song really hits home.

My father put it best when he was preparing my mother for the worst he said, "I don't see this ending well."

I rise for all the loyal in my life. I choose to violate my destructive behavior as violently as it violated me.

I hoped you all would forgive me. I'm so thankful that those "some people" (as stated in this song) did. I love you all. Thank you for being by my side for the new Chris and the new days that are so full of grace that my heart stumbles and cries out in thankfulness.

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