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Sense of Direction - by Chris Pridmore

I have learned a valuable lesson over the last few months. Actually, I relearned it with more emphasis and foundation. This lesson has been hammered into me again through a wide variety of situations.

My value

My ability

My strength

is weakened and in most cases destroyed when I allow myself to conform to the buckets that others place me in. I lose

My sense of direction

My self-worth is completely anhilated. When I conform to the approval, norms, standards and comfort of others to be accepted and understood, I fail them. I fail me.

I rise above and beyond these moments and feelings because

God will push

God will pull

God will fly me over

I can't get ahead of Him.

I can't get behind Him.

I am in His path because He chose.

Not me.

The buckets others put me in are no longer relevant. Get over it. I see the ball differently. I have work to do.

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