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Thanksgiving Gateway (published 2018) by Chris Pridmore

I wrote this 2 years ago in my old blog "I Block Chronicles." There is so much here that is so important for me to recall in this season of pandemic, lockdowns, change and everyday life challenges. I am reposting this piece as a reminder to you and a reminder to me that we have so much to be thankful for. We have come so far. We have grown so much. I hope you enjoy this journey into thanksgiving past and it refreshes your commitment and gratitude.

Thanksgiving 2018. This is an important one. In a lot of ways, it feels like a reset. A dividing line so to speak. It is a significant progress step in a season of almost never ending gateways on the checklist of a life returning. This long and winding road started with laying down my disease at the feet of God and climbing out of the mud physically, spiritually, emotionally. The meandering road has no real mile markers, gas stations or rest stops. It is just a long road that one is required to simply keep moving steadily forward on. On my road, my mind has been a passenger pestering me, “Are we there yet?” “Where are we going?” “How much longer do we have to be on this stretch?” I envision a portion of this season like an old movie. Do you remember how they would have the actors sitting in a prop car with the same images rolling on a loop in the rear view mirror? In the scene, the actors are making idle chit chat while driving with aggressive over steering to demonstrate “authentic” driving. This is how I envision many days on the road to sober living and a world of meaning and purpose. Truthfully, there really isn’t an answer for destination or duration to communicate to my brain. The answer is simply we will get there eventually, maybe, if we stay on the road, keep moving and don’t crash.

How bleak does this imagery seem? I am sure it is not all that encouraging at first glance. But, it is realistic and it is important to face. Why? Well, every inch, every mile, all the way is COMPLETELY necessary to go ALL the way. My commitment, willingness, resolve and travel exhaustion impact a couple things. Do I keep moving my recovering life further away from my past or do I not? I choose every single day to keep moving forward.

Thanksgiving 2018 is a key gateway. It is a no looking over my shoulder any longer holiday. It is another committed monument to draw a line in the sand of rebuilding. In this way, I am blessed. Many holidays (before my fall) became drudgery, obligation with moments of grandeur and volumes of stress to meet expectations. This Thanksgiving is a marker in a season of gratitude and appreciation for all that life offers in this moment. I will be surrounded by my children and loved ones. This Thanksgiving is not about turkey, Pilgrims, political discussions or football games. This holiday is a moment. A place of peace in that moment. A mindfulness exercise reflecting on all that remains good and all that is to come. It is re-commitment to fortify my path, refuel my tank and keep traveling on this purpose and intentional mission I have been asked to fulfill. I am an anomaly. I am part of the 5% out of 23 million addicts that see recovery. I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving again 2020!

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